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Welcome to the Awakening Women's Retreat in Colorado

As a woman you may feel there is always something or someone to take care of. We find ourselves busy beyond the number of hours in the day, so taking time away may feel like an impossible task. We encourage you to consider that it might be exactly what you need! If you are feeling exhausted, burned out, distant from God, and in need of restoration, join the many other women who have decided to make their own growth a priority this year. Come away with us and be cared for in mind, body, and spirit, and return ready to re-engage with renewed strength, greater purpose, and a stronger sense of who God created you to be. If you resonate with any of this, consider attending our next women's retreat in Colorado!

Women's retreat Colorado

Explore the Awakening Women's Retreat in Colorado

Awakening Women’s Retreat is a life-giving, 4 day, transformational retreat, designed to awaken women in mind, body, and spirit, leaving them firmly rooted in Christ and powerfully equipped to step into their purpose. This women's retreat in Colorado is unlike any retreat you have attended before. Journey with us through eleven strategic talks spaced throughout the weekend, that build upon each other in an order that encourages healing on multiple levels.

  • Spiritually, go through an awareness and aligning process. It is so easy to veer slightly off course in our attitudes towards God without even realizing it. This aspect of the retreat will reconnect you with the abundant life God has intended for you.

  • Emotionally, revive your heart. This component of the retreat will focus on the the ways your heart has been wounded through the years and will gently guide you to healing and wholeness. Our goal is for you to realize you are not alone, eliminating shame and hiding, while embracing dignity.

  • Mentally, throw off the lies you have embraced about yourself and replace them with God's truth, restoring your God-given identity. Throughout the weekend together you can expect plenty of time and space to personally connect with God, addressing and casting off these lies, allowing you to stand in who God created to be. 

  • Physically, transformation will be deepened through Praise in Motion, a guided, Christ-centered, movement ministry. Unlike most other women's retreats, we connect the content of the retreat with symbolic physical movement to embody our transformation in Christ.  

Founders/Speakers of the Awakening Women's Retreat in Colorado

Alia Fisher, M.A.



With her greatest passions being Christian ministry and spiritual formation, Alia has been actively designing and leading transformational women’s retreats since 2013. She has a Master's in Professional Counseling from Liberty University and works as a counselor at Cornerstone Christian Counseling Center in Denver, CO. In addition, she completed Level 3 healing prayer training from Christian Healing Ministries and Level 1 SOZO training, and greatly enjoys bringing her spiritual training into helping both clients and members of the Church. Alia is also co-founder of Praise in Motion, a Christian movement ministry founded in 2011, that allows women to experience freedom and healing within their bodies while connecting with God. She leads weekly classes and helps train new leaders. Mother of four busy children and married, in her free time she loves slipping away into the quiet outdoors or doing difficult puzzles. 


Kristy Peatrowsky



Kristy has been highly engaged in ministry since 2005. She worked as a Women's and Children's pastor for many years and has organized large outreach events, retreats, and fundraisers for a variety of different organizations and ministries. She is a mother of four biological and two foster children and is happily married to her husband Eric, who is also in ministry. She is passionate about seeing people grow deeply in their relationship with Jesus Christ and is thrilled to get to be a co-founder of Awakening Ministries to provide women's retreats in Colorado. When she is not busy in ministry, she is volunteering, teaching art classes, writing her book and blogs, and is an un-paid Uber driver for her six kids. ​

Testimonies of the Awakening Women's Retreat in Colorado

Details for the Awakening Women's Retreat in Colorado


Who should Come?

This retreat is for women eighteen years and older who are ready to grow in their faith. This is not a retreat that is light, or a traditional "women's retreat, "with a lot of "fluff." This retreat is intended to be transformational.

Shouldcome alone?

While this retreat can be attended individually, we believe it is greatly enhanced by attending with other close friends or family. However, if your situation is not conducive to bringing others, we have no doubt you will still be highly impacted, and may make life-long friends while you are there. One of the greatest advantages to attending with others is the support and accountability these friends can offer you after you return back home. Check our Events page for special group rates if you decide to bring friends with you. 

Where in Colorado are these retreats held?

Most of these retreats will be held in the mountains near Colorado Springs. This retreat center is drivable from either the Colorado Springs Airport or DIA. 

How long do these retreats last?

Most of our retreats begin on a Thursday night for a 5:00-6:00pm check-in, and  conclude by noon on Sunday. We do occasionally host these retreats from Sunday through Wednesday as well. 

How much do these retreats costs?

It depends on when you register and how many people you come with. We offer discounted rates for women who register early or sign up to have a large group of women come. Currently our full price cost for a retreat is $400 per woman and includes all meals and lodging for three plus days and nights in beautiful Colorado. 

What kind of facility do we stay in?

The retreats are held in a beautiful retreat center in the mountains of Colorado. You can expect a "Mountaintop Experience" by escaping the busyness and distractions of this world to draw closer to friends, family, and God. The rooms and bathrooms will likely be shared with a few other women. You will be served 8 meals while you are there, and we can make some minor accommodations for dietary needs.   

What will we do when we are there?

The retreat has a variety of activities to maximize on growth for every woman. We want to reach you at every level and every personality type. You can expect ample time for quiet reflection, time in your Bible, time with other women, time spent learning from a speaker, time moving your body, being creative, and just relaxing. While our days are full, our goal is to give you time and space to grow the way God designed you. 

Can I come late or only attend part of this retreat?

This retreat is a progressive retreat, therefor it builds on itself.  We would not recommend you attend this retreat unless you are able to attend it in it's entirety. 

I have more questions, how can I get a hold of you?

You can contact us at any point with any questions you may have. Please just visit our Contact Page.

I would love to go, but I'm not sure I can afford it. Do you offer any scholarships?

Awakening Ministries donates 10% of all of our registrations to go toward scholarships for women to attend who can not afford it. We also give other women the opportunity to donate towards scholarships when they register. If you are in need of a scholarship, please contact us and we will contact you as scholarships become available. 

Can I pay for someone else to attend the retreat?

Absolutely! Contact us, and we will figure out the details.


When is the next retreat?

Good question! Please go to our Events page to see the list of upcoming retreats.