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Scholarship Information

We often get asked whether we provide scholarships, and the answer is, yes. However, we do want to clarify a few things. Our heart is that every woman would be able to go to our retreats, and we want to do everything we can to make that happen. That being said, with the cost of the retreats being on the rise, it gets harder and harder to make that happen. Having a ministry that runs a very tight budget, we don't have endless funds to help women attend. We do give a portion of every registrations that comes in to our scholarship fund. While we do help, we have also feel that it is important that every woman who attends give something toward her registration, so we do not ever give full scholarships. This means we are usually able to help around six women with partial scholarships. If you are someone who is unable to attend without a little help. Please read some of our suggestions in ways you can help yourself with funds and a link to apply for a scholarship if needed. 

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Create a Group

As a group leader you can either go for half off if you have 4-8 women go with you, or for free if you have 9+ women go with you!

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Find a Sponsor

Some women have found a person or organization to sponsor them to go to the retreat. This could be your local church, a friend, a family member, or anyone who is willing to help. 

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Fund Raise

Think outside the box. Look for ways to earn a little money on the side. Check out our Blog post on creative ways to earn money and save up for a retreat.

Filling Out a Form

Fill out an application

If for some reason you still aren't able to cover your costs from any of the other sources, please fill out an application. We typically give out 10-20 partial scholarships per year.  

Fill out an application

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