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Beautiful in its time

COVID-19. Who saw something like this coming? And now we have all been stuck inside our own homes for multiple weeks without a definitive end in sight! I’m sure I am not the only one finding parts, or even all of this quarantine thing tiring. There are some things I just want to go back to normal. Maybe like me, you are tired of wanting to see people you love that you don’t live with, to go places other than your own house, to feel more secure financially, and to not worry about catching COVID.

Waiting for discomfort to end is so hard! But in the early morning hours, I was reminded of a beautiful promise from God that comes out of Ecclesiastes 3:11 – He has made everything beautiful in its time.

God promises that He never leaves anything unfinished and that time in His hands is never wasted. While God did not create COVID or any hard issue in your life, He knows what He is going to do with it – and the result will be restoration and beauty. The verse points to the fact that God’s timing in all things is perfect. He knows what He is doing!

I was reminded of another verse in John. It said that Jesus himself said to his disciples, “My time has not yet come” (John 7:6). Here we see that Jesus Himself was on a divine time schedule! Jesus knew this and trusted God would achieve His best results when that time came to fruition. Jesus surrendered to trusting God to know best. He did not circumvent it. He did not fight it. He relaxed into it, surrendered and hopeful. And look at the outcome! He saved the world!!

God is using even something like COVID to accomplish His bigger plans and also the plans He has for you personally. If Jesus had to wait, why would we not have to do the same? Let’s imitate Christ, relaxing into God’s timing, trusting Him to use this for our good. Worry, pressure, and discontent rob our peace. Let us hold onto hope in God’s promise for beauty to come out of hard circumstances. Jesus did. Let us follow Him!

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